Re-Forming Motherhood


Are you a happy mom? It’s a harder question than it seems.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a mom of five, this six-week workshop will help you examine why you are the mom you are and how to make the most of that role for who you are today and ten years from now. Through thought-provoking and collaborative workshops, you will (re)define what it means to be a great mom: for yourself, your kids, and your partner.


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Week 1: A Mother's Tale: Where We Were, Are, and Will Be as Moms

Week 2: Illusion of Choice: Family vs. Work ... and All Points Between

Week 3: Media Moms: Lifting the Fictional Film 

Week 4: Waging the War on the Wage Gap: Boosting Your Value

Week 5: What's a Dude to Do? Getting Dads More Involved

Week 6: Re-forming Motherhood: Building Your Action Plan


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