River Forest Off Days and Holidays Package


There are several off days and half-days during the year. We're including them all in an easy discounted package, or you can choose individual days or half days. Cultural themed arts and crafts and Spanish lessons included, along with fun at Longfellow Park. The price works out to be about $8 per hour spread evenly throughout the year. Drop in options are also available. These are the dates and times included:

9/22 11:25-6:30  11:25 Dismissal School Improvement

10/9  8:00-6:30  Indigenous Peoples' Day 
11/2  8:00-6:30  Parent/Teacher Conferences
11/3  8:00-6:30  Non-Attendance Day
1/15  8:00-6:30  Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
2/12  8:00-6:30  Lincoln's Birthday
2/13  8:00-6:30 Professional Development Day
3/2  8:00-6:30  Parent/Teacher Conferences
3/5  8:00-6:30  Casimir Pulaski Day
4/27 11:25-6:30 11:25 Dismissal School Improvement
5/25 11:25-6:30 11:25 Dismissal School Improvement


Note, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Holiday, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Memorial Day are NOT included.  For the larger breaks, and we'll likely offer a variation of stand-alone packages.  Stay tuned on Facebook and our website for other available days.


Please pack a lunch and snacks for the day, but no peanuts please!


Academia Staff

Additional Information

Use discount code SIBLINGS20 to save 20% off of the total of all children when registering two or more.  That works out to be $14.40/hour for two children.


If signing up for a Drop In day, please click on the words '(or drop in)' and choose your date from the calendar to add to cart.  You may add more than one day.


If you want to do a Drop In for one of the half-day options, please add the coupon code HALFDAYDROPIN to your cart.  Only one of these coupons may be used per transaction.


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